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LSAW pipe is used as raw material of steel sheet

LSAW pipe is the use of a single steel as raw materials, JCO or UO forming, submerged arc welding or submerged arc welding process in combination with other production. Common are X70, X80, X120, etc. LSAW pipe diameter range 406-1422mm, wall thickness 8-44.5mm.
Welding edge preparation, the use of milling machining manner; in molding, in addition to using conventional JCO and UO technology, some manufacturers use more advanced progressive molding (PFP) technology, roll forming (RBE) technology; welding , the use of argon or CO2 gas protection welder and automatic pre dedicated multi-wire (4 wire and wire 5) internal and external submerged arc welding equipment, and the use of square-wave power and wave power supply means; expanding aspect the whole length of the tube using mechanical expanding; inspection, we should be on the plate-line testing, post-weld pipe automatic ultrasonic testing ray + auto + pressure test, after expanding a second-line or off-ray + ultrasonic flaw detection.
Coil width due to restrictions and production equipment, production of domestic stability Longitudinal, pipe diameter of 580mm and below a straight seam high frequency welded pipe, larger size compared LSAW pipe.

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