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LSAW pipe and SSAW pipes

LSAW and SSAW pipes (SSAW) belong to the submerged arc welding (SAW), but LSAW pipe (LSAW) Trial Sheet steel as raw material, its advantages: plate thickness up to 0mm or more, but not presence crescent bend; because it is a straight seam, forming more convenient, but also easy seam tracking, which is suitable for two-step process that is pre-finish welding production; and a full-body mechanical tube expanding process, substantially eliminate the residual stress. These advantages make LSAW pipe can expand in diameter (can be up to 1422mm), thick-walled tubes (50mm), high-grade steel (X80 / X100 / X120), is applied to two, three, and four types of areas and marine engineering pipes and other large structures. LSAW (LSAW) and ERW (HFW) belong Longitudinal, but can be done in a high-frequency welded pipe, small pipe (400mm), and intermediate frequency heat treatment step, when the diameter and wall thickness the same grade, high-frequency welded pipe has more advantages, such as foreign slurry delivery tube is often high frequency welded (HFW)

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